August 04, 2017

Grudge & Glory come to For Honor

Ubisoft has announced that For Honor is getting a new content update, bringing with it new character classes, maps and more. Called Grudge & Glory, the third season of content is expected to release in August 15th.

Players will get a chance to play as the Highlander a new character from the Viking faction, but if you are so inclined, you can play also as the new Gladiator from the southern part of the Roman empire. The Gladiator and Highlander fight for the Knights and the Vikings, respectively, and each brings a unique form of brutality to the game. Highlanders wield massive claymores, which boast more weight and reach than any other sword, and they can switch between two different fighting styles: defensive, which makes them formidable counter-attackers; and offensive, which enables them to use far deadlier attacks, but prevents them from blocking.

Here are some quick videos showing the Highlander and Gladiator off, check them out.

If that were not enough, Season 3 will also deliver two new maps called Sentinel and Viking Village, each of which features a deadly new environmental hazards, including a ballista and barrel, to keep players aware of their surroundings as well as their opponents. There’ll be a whole new legendary gear rarity, too, and the reputation cap for Heroes will be raised to 40, giving players more customization options.

Finally, Season Three will debut alongside a new title update for For Honor, which will bring several gameplay tweaks and updates, including fighting mechanic adjustments to create better balance between offensive and defensive styles of play.

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