August 16, 2017

Blast everything in Matterfall out now for PlayStation 4

Housemarque might not be a studio you know, but you will know their games, Resogun and Super Stardust amongst others and now their next over the top game is here, Matterfall.

Recenetly the developers took to the PlayStation Blog to talk about the game, specifically their favourite load outs to use, when taking on the bad guys.

Tommi Hartikainen, Game Director: “My favourite augmentation is the Matter Bomb Probability. This increases the amount of Matter Bombs enemies spawn after they die. This can create these long chain reactions when you burst one with the Matter Jet.”
Tomi Kokki, Senior Animator: “As I love to see enemies exploding, my favourite loadout has to be the combination of Strike Detonation, Matter Bomb Probability and Shockwave Radius.”
Suvi J√§rvinen, Game artist: “One weapon and two augmentations. Shotgun, Strike Damage and Shockwave Radius.”

The game is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and of course supports full PlayStation 4 Pro features, like dynamic 4K gaming, improved graphics, environments and High Dynamic Range visuals.

Look for a review soon.

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