August 11, 2017

A Knight's Quest is bound for consoles in 2018

Curve Digital has announced, in partnership with Sky9 Games, A Knight's Quest, coming to Switch, Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 in 2018, with the games first public debut coming at Gamescom next weekend.

A Knight’s Quest pays homage to the classic 3D adventure games of the past and puts players in the shoes of Rusty, a reluctant hero who sets out to save the world after accidentally endangering it.

Rusty must explore the enormous game world - packed full of dungeons, side quests and secrets to discover – to defeat the evil spirit he released into the world after a mishap with a magical vase.

Players must defeat enemies using the game’s epic combat system, overcome tricky puzzles using elemental powers and master the world-bending powers of the Spirit Shield to help him save the day.

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