July 06, 2017

Tekken 7 - Review

Tekken...without spoiling the series' latest iteration of the fighting game's franchise you'd have to be a huge Tekken fan to keep following the franchise, just as much as anyone must be a Street Fighter fan to keep following the game's series.

Tekken 7's story mode follows the Mishima family's story from the past to modern times. Almost to just catch everyone up (fans and new players) on what's been happening in terms of Tekken's main storyline. This narrative and cut scenes are told by a war photographer or which wasn't so great due to it's very simplistic animation as well as it's monotone voice over. Trying to keep up with it was rather difficult, which wouldn't surprise me if most players would hit the skip button.
However, between the narrative itself, players get to play the game itself....running through various characters to show the different perspective of the storyline etc. When finished with the Mishima story, you're able to move ahead with single characters who weren't directly involved with the Mishima feud story.

Tekken 7's gameplay hasn't changed too much from it's predecessors. Why change something that isn't broken to begin with? This is perfect for Tekken fans as they would have invested time in knowing character's combos. Whereas for players who are relatively new to the game itself might find it a little tricky.

Unlike the Street Fighter franchise where most combos can be used for various characters, Tekken is a little more technical where you have to get to know a particular character and their combos to ensure you dish out maximum damage. This makes the game a little tough to try a whole lot of characters if you're wanting to be an expert in the game. Either that, or you can button mash as well and hope for the best. lol

As previously stated when we looked at the story mode....the cut scene animation during the narrative was simplistic and hard to like...this could be due to the monotone voice over. However, the actual gameplay graphics is great and what you'd expect to see for a Playstation 4 level type game. Character movements and designs are fantastic and smooth. Background elements and movements are great. That being said, this is a given as there's only so much you can do for a fighting game opposed to cinematic narrative game.

Tekken 7 manages to still hit all the right spots in terms of it's franchise, giving fans something they're familiar with, and letting new players choose to invest their time to combos, or just casual button mashing. PvP is always a lot of fun for fighting games, which is mainly what they were created for.

If you're a Tekken fan, you won't be disappointed. If you're a casual gamer, this is something you can have fun with, with friends.

Thanks to Bandai Namco for supplying the game for review

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