July 14, 2017

Portal Knights expands on PC

505 Games has announced that Portal Knights, the co-op action RPG has today received an update on PC, granting players access to a new island as well as new content. The update is expected to hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon.

For those that love a good list, here is all of the content and updates made to the game.

  • Kolemis Temple Trials Event, which includes three quests:
    • Trial of Strength
    • Trial of Delving
    • Trial of Agility
  • Unlock a new Mediterranean themed island for completing the 3 trials
  • Visit the new merchant building complex with three NPC Merchants
  • Recipes for nine new sets of Armor
  • Three new Dog pet variants
  • Dungeon variety improvements
  • Option to toggle the split screen direction
  • And more!
The update will download right away, if your Steam settings allow it, but in the meantime, those on console will want to continue to explore the world.

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