July 22, 2017

DOOM Update 6.66 is here

Bethesda have released a new update for DOOM and update 6.66 brings a host of new fixes to the games multiplayer and SnapMap, but the biggest news is that all the multiplayer DLC for the game is now free for everyone.

In addition to this, they have announced an overhaul to the games multiplayer progression, from the announcement:
With this update, we’ve changed when and how players unlock additional guns, demons, equipment and all of the player and weapon customization options. Instead of relying on the current random unlock system, everything now unlocks through specific leveling requirements and/or in-game challenges. Now, if there’s a specific helmet you want, you can work toward unlocking it by focusing your play style on the related challenge. We’re confident new and veteran players alike will enjoy the control and predictability in this new multiplayer progression system.

If you wanted to learn about that, especially if you are a veteran player, click here to learn all about the games changes, including improvements to the rune system.

If you are a patch notes reader, you can check out those notes here.

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