June 23, 2017

Take Back Your Bookshelf With The Edifier R1010BT

Edifier is a name that most people are aware of, if you work in the music industry as they create some of the best speakers around, designed to work in a recording studio, but over the past couple of years, they have been taking their knowledge and crafting some great speaker set ups for home use, now they are ready with the R1010BT speaker set.

Simple and easy to use, the speakers can be connected via Bluetooth, RCA or 3.5mm Aux. The built in amplifier eliminates the need for an amplifier/receiver. Plus the handy bass and volume dials mean you can pump up the sounds any time you like.

The speakers can also connect to multiple bluetooth sources at the same time, allowing you to avoid having to continuously fuss around. They also come in two looks, the grey and silver or the more natural stained wood look and silver fronts, but perhaps the best news, they are on sale now for $99.

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