June 20, 2017

E3 2017 - A Look At Life is Strange Before The Storm

I must admit, when I was booked in prior to E3 for Square Enix and a yet unannounced western title, I was very curious, I mean what could they possibly have to show, turns out, I was way off, but even though my ideas did not come to fruition, I am happy that Life is Strange is getting more attention.

For those who are not yet aware of this game, this is a prequel to the original title, but rather than focus on Max, the game takes a look at Chloe and her life before Max arrived and just what she had to go through, in order for us to see her become the character that we know. Apart from the lack of the rewind feature, the gameplay is the same that we got to know from the first game and while some may think that the lack of rewind will hurt the experience, I think it will make players more conscious of their decisions, because once made, there is no going back.

We were treated to a slice of the game, where it was controlled by one of the developers and then when it came time for a decision, it was thrown to the group, which for some reason, most decided to pick the worst of the options. While the options presented were interesting, it was still about the relationships between the characters and a lot of that hinged on Chloe and Rachael. The sequence we saw, started out with Chloe entering an old Saw Mill, where the band Fire Walk were playing, she had gone there hoping to sneak in and see them, but once there, things happened.

The problem with a game like this is that the decisions made really impact the story and here, while we were given the options to select a few of them, the few that were quite loud in voicing their opinions were the ones that were heard the most. To me the thing that set the game apart from the other was a change in the visual style, there was a cleaner look to the visuals, it is hard to say if that was because it was from an early build or something else, but it looked nicer. If I had to find fault with what we were showed it would be that the studio making this is not the same that made the original, the cast sounds different and perhaps even crazier, a little better.

Square Enix have released a 20 minute long video, which will show you just what you can expect from the game, so check that out below and look for the game when the first chapter releases this August.

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