June 21, 2017

E3 2017 - Hands on with Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball games are pretty common these days, they have done 3d fighting, 3d action and even rpg like with the recent Xenoverse series, but it has been a while since they have done a 2d fighter and when it was shown at the Xbox E3 press conference, I was impressed, playing it, even more so.

I do need to start out now by saying that I don’t play fighting games normally, I am terrible at them, combos and super moves are beyond me and it gets even worse when playing against another human, but I am always up to give something a go. So that is what I did at the media section of the Bandai Namco booth, I watched some people give the game a good work out and I was really impressed by what they were able to achieve, some really powerful attacks, swapping out characters to continue a combo attack and more, it was impressive and what is even cooler, the game looked rock solid the entire time.

Of course, fighting game fans will tell you, that no matter how nice a game looks, if it plays bad, then there is little that can be done with it, thankfully my time with the game here proved that it is on track to play very well. The game offered up a good mix of light and heavy attacks, but also a good selection of powered attacks, which given the source material is to be expected, though executing those moves was beyond me. However, the person I was playing against, who did dominate me, was pulling off some very impressive combos and even one more incredible finisher, which left his team standing and mine eliminated.

The team behind the series Guilty Gear are making this game and I could see parts of that series here, if only briefly, E3 demo times are usually quite short, so getting more time is a must. Thankfully Bandai Namco have announced that the game will get a beta later this Winter, ahead of the games release in 2018, but exact details are not yet known. Until then, I will have to practice some more, because this game looks great and plays even better.

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