May 25, 2017

Smash Living Room Records With Ultimate Lightning McQueen

Sphero might not be a name that you know that well, but they exploded into pop culture with their mobile phone controlled BB-8 from Star Wars The Force Awakens and now they are back, partnering with another of Disney's production arms; Pixar. The team at Sphero have created the Ultimate Lightning McQueen, a mobile phone controlled racecar, but it is so much more.

“From the beginning, we wanted to make Ultimate Lightning McQueen feel as real as he does in the film,” said Paul Berberian, CEO of Sphero. “In order to create a scaled down version of his big personality, we worked closely with the team at Pixar to ensure we were getting his nuances just right – such as leaning into turns and expressive facial and body movements.”

What makes this though, the Ultimate Lightning McQueen. Remote controlled cars have been around for many years now, so what sets this apart, what's under the hood?

McQueen comes packed with 6 Motors, one controlling the animatronic mouth, two for emotive
suspension, two for the front tires and one for steering. Meaning that you will get the most expressive and responsive McQueen possible.

In addition, thanks to the 5 capacitive touch panels, touching McQueen on his roof, hood, both side doors and his rear window, will have him respond. When the space you are setting lap records gets to dark, automatic head and tail lights will come on, letting you keep the action going.

Owen Wilson spent hours in the studio, recording exclusive new lines, that you won't hear anywhere else.

“Sphero continues to delight fans with their incredibly lifelike replications of our favorite characters,” said Josh Silverman, Executive Vice President, Global Licensing, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. “With Ultimate Lightning McQueen, Cars fans and families of all ages can interact with the character in a whole new way and experience the Cars story through technologies that weren’t even imaginable ten years ago.”
You can pre-order the Ultimate Lightning McQueen now from EB Games and Zing, but be warned, all this awesome comes at a price, $499.95.

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