May 24, 2017

Launch Time Confirmed For The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind

Bethesda have confirmed the launch timings for the latest expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online. When Morrowind release on June 6th, players in Australia will be able to start exploring the towns and wilds of Vvardenfell from 7pm AEST.

The servers themselves will be offline in the lead up to the launch hour, so that they can be updated in preparation for all the new adventures heading to Vvardenfell.

In addition, retailers worldwide will allow players to purchase the game and pick-up pre-orders in advance to allow for pre-loading.

Check out the latest discovery video, from the upcoming expansion, where Naryu attempts to meet Vivec and be sure to look up the other videos in the series, they are not long, but they are interesting.

So if you are going live with the expansion day one, you won't be able to get into the game until 7pm AEST on June 6th

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