May 24, 2017

Killers And Thieves Stealth Launches Today

Banner Saga co-creator Alex Thomas has been hard at work over the past several years on an all new title, Killers and Thieves and the best news, it is out now. Yep, the game was only announced today and its already available on PC for sale and this is no early access, this is a full and complete experience.

Killers and Thieves puts players into the role of the guildmaster, the shadowy figure lying at the heart of a medieval thieves’ guild. Recruit street rats, train them up into highly-skilled burglars and cutthroats, and then set them loose in a vast, living city.

Assemble and train a team of unique burglars, thieves and cutthroats then send them on daring heists across a sprawling city. Select your team carefully - do you want the agile catburglar, the master lockpicker, or the deadly cutthroat? You can’t always take everyone you need, and the city is full of surprises that will force you to redraw your carefully-laid plans at a moment’s notice.

You decide the degree of risk: you could play it safe, but great riches await those bold enough to chase them—but then, so does the hangman’s noose.

Hit up the Steam page to purchase the game now and save 10%

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