May 18, 2017

Duel Mode Announced For Quake Champions

Bethesda and ID Software have announced that Quake Champions is going to offer up players the chance to put themselves against a single opponent in Duel Mode.

Duel mode introduces an additional layer of strategy, incorporating multiple Champions with differing Abilities. To start, players will select three Champions in a snake-style draft before heading to the Arenas. In choosing their roster, players will have to consider which Champions are better suited to their unique play style and which are effective counters to their opponents’ choices.

Taking a cue from fighting games, Duel is played as a best-of-three match. Within each round, a player has to defeat all three of the opponent’s Champions. When a player is fragged, they will respawn as another of their chosen Champions. When one player has all three Champions eliminated, a winner for that match is declared.

The game is currently in its large scale tech test and will be until May 21st, so have a look around, I am sure there are loads of people playing it.

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