April 19, 2017

The BenQ EX3200R Looks Amazing And Affordable

It is rare I talk about computer monitors here, a few reasons why, cost of the monitor, specs of the monitor and such, but the newest gaming monitor from BenQ is worthy of a mention.

The monitor in question is big, 31.5 inches on the angle, but it is also a curved screen, so it delivers a more immersive gaming experience. It also sports a refresh rate of 144Hz, which helps keep the latency down, perfect for playing games online and finally it has AMD FreeSync as part of its package, which is great if you use AMD cards.

Thankfully one aspect the monitor does appear to have gotten right is the ports, check out the view below to see what you can use. If you are after more information, hit up the BenQ site for all the specs.

The best news about this monitor though is its price, RRP is $699, which is insanely cheap for it size and the fact that it is curved.

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