April 24, 2017

Super Bomberman R Powers Up

Konami have announced that Super Bomberman R has gotten an update, which brings a host of new additions and fixes to the Switch title and that with this update, soon players will be able to get new characters inspired by other Konami series.

The first update, which offers a series of improvements and features. As part of the update, players can experience 'Battle' mode in 60 fps and have the option to choose the AI's level of difficulty, as well as change the camera angle in 'Story' mode. Additionally, various adjustments have been made to improve controls, fix minor bugs, among others.

In addition, the first DLC, which is out now, gives gamers access to four new stages for battle mode and two new series of accessories using gems acquired in-game.

  • 4 New Stages
    • Lagoon – features a moving floor that can be used to access a higher level
    • White Cross – features a crossroad of slippery floors
    • Power Zone – All players start with maximum firepower
    • Speed Zone – All players start with maximum speed
  • 2 New Accessories
    • Crown
    • Bomb

Players can obtain them through the in game shop, but soon players will also be able to acquire new characters, their looks are below. No word on when they will come to the game though.

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