April 27, 2017

Porsche Joins The GT Sport Roster

Polyphony Digital have confirmed that Porsche is returning to Gran Turismo when GT Sport releases later this year. In addition to the images and trailer below, other details have also been revealed.

Over on the Gran Turismo website, they revealed why they are excited to have Porsche in the GT series once again.
We are really excited about our newly-formed partnership. Porsche have been exhibiting exemplary strength in motorsports, and with its many victories in endurance racing, they’re famous for being the "King of Endurance". The vehicle names, all derived from races such as the Carrera, Targa and Panamera, are a direct sign of the deep historical relationship running alongside motorsport, which has always been part of Porsche’s DNA. The manufacturer’s involvement is less about prestige, but a matter of principle for the continuous improvement of their products with technology deriving from motorsports.
GT Sport still does not have a release date, but due to the recent closed beta, one would hope it is coming up soon.

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