April 19, 2017

New Content And Missions For Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 on PlayStation 4 has expanded again with the April update and DLC Pack 2 - No Compromise. Watch the trailer below to see what you will get in the free update and for those with the season pass, what the No Compromise pack includes.

No Compromise introduces a wide variety of new content for players, including the new Moscow Gambit DedSec operation. In the multi-mission storyline, Sitara asks Marcus for a personal favour that leads him towards hacking into a hardcore adult film studio, resulting in awkward moments with industrial machinery and an explosive climax. After a famous pornographer decides to parody the group’s style in his new film, DedSexxx, the DedSec crew launches a ridiculous lesson in image control that escalates into a brutal skirmish with the director’s contacts in the Russian mafia.

While the April Update is out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC today, the No Compromise DLC won't hit Xbox One or PC until May 18th, so players there have a little wait ahead of them.

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