April 03, 2017

Hacknet Labyrinths Is Out Now

Surprise Attack Games announced over the weekend that Hacknet has expanded with the release of Hacknet Labyrinths, which adds another 3 - 4 hours to the hacking game.

 Hacknet Labyrinths sees the player recruited by the mysterious Kaguya to join a small team of elite hackers. Working together the other members of the team, the player will take on a series of perilous data heists in a quest for powerful new tools and programs.

The expansion features a new series of networks to explore and puts new tools at the player’s disposal, including the Memory Analyzer, capable of performing memory forensics on RAM on any server in the game, revealing new secrets and programs.  Labyrinths will also include a killer new soundtrack featuring Remi (AKA The Algorithm), HOME, and synth superstar OGRE.

Those looking to expand the game can do so via Steam or GOG

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