April 20, 2017

Discover Talos 1 In This Latest Video From Prey

Bethesda have released a new video for Prey, this time taking a look at Talos 1, the space station that you will explore, proving that the only threat won't come from the Typhon threat, but also the space station itself.

From the grandiose lobby to the industrial inner workings of the space station, Talos I holds something different around every turn. Early on, the entire station opens up for you to explore in almost any manner you like. As Morgan Yu, move freely throughout Talos I, and even return to previously explored areas to find big changes depending on how the story unfolds – or what actions the you’ve taken. You will also be able to go outside of the space station and fly around in zero gravity, using the exterior to navigate to a different area or to find additional secrets hidden outside Talos I.

The game is set to release on May 5th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with the consoles getting a demo on April 27th.

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