March 16, 2017

You Are Now In The Danger Zone With Rock Band 4

The world's greatest secret agent is taking a break from the spy game, to indulge in the rock star life, well let's face it, Archer does that already, just without the singing. Yes, Archer is coming to Rock Band 4, ahead of the release of Archer: Dreamland's premier in May, but what song will Archer sing.. the only one that matters, Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins.

Bringing Archer into the Rock Band world presented a unique challenge for the art team. The Archer TV show is 2D animation with a cel-shaded style – completely different from the signature look of Rock Band. The team wanted to stay true to the Archer Style, so we created a custom cel-shader in Rock Band just for this character. The end result is an Archer that looks like he was pulled straight from TV and dropped on stage.

The Archer update will be available for free tomorrow, but for those that want to sing Danger Zone, that will require a purchase.

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