March 30, 2017

Discover The Weapons And Powers Of Prey

Bethesda has released an all new video for Prey that takes a quick look at a selection of weapons and powers that players will have access to, in order to stay alive on the station.

You might be mankind’s last hope aboard Talos I, but you’ve got a mighty arsenal to face down the Typhon threat. Armed with your wits, weapons and a host of incredible powers, it’s up to you to stop the alien invasion and save all of humanity. Piece of cake!

With 24 human upgrades and 20 unique alien powers to choose from (plus all of their upgrades), no two Morgans will be the same, and no two players will have the same experiences.

Prey is out on May 5th for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4, with those that pre-order the title able to get access to a special weapons pack.

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