March 23, 2017

Discover Burial Chamber In Quake Champions

Another week, another look at Quake Champions, this week though it is another look at one of the arenas that players will fight for dominance in, Burial Chamber.

The bones of a massive beast decorate the entry to this massive tomb. Hazardous platforms at the Perilous Outcropping dot the sea of lava, providing an ideal sniping spot for those skilled enough and brave enough to make the leap. With its winding tunnels and low ceilings, the claustrophobic grave sites of the Molten Underground offer up the opportunity for heavier Champions to do some serious splash damage, while the Lava Falls could provide an excellent chokepoint for skilled tacticians. Just be careful to avoid being pushed into the lava, which is a prevalent threat throughout the map.

For those that want to get stuck into the game as soon as possible, you can sign up for the Closed Beta, over on the official site. No word on when it will happen, or any sort of release window for the game yet, but keep checking for more details. 

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