February 03, 2017

TumbleSeed Launches Soon For PlayStation 4 And Switch

Developer aeiowu has announced that TumbleSeed, a rolly rougelike game will be releasing soon for PlayStation 4, PC via Steam and now Nintendo Switch.

Players will have to roll up a procedurally generated mountain filled with holes and corrupted creatures. Reach the top and save your home! TumbleSeed features simple controls that are easy to pickup but difficult to master. Balance the seed, grow powerful with upgrades, and meet new friends on your way to the peak.

Players will have access to over 30 seed powers like ThornSeed and SpringSeed to help them clear out enemies and avoid some of the dangers each location will throw at you. I personally like the look of the StormSeed, which you can use to call in rain and helping to fill in a lot of the holes you see on the screenshots.

No exact release date has yet to be confirmed, but it is marked as coming soon, so keep an eye open for the actual date soon.

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