February 11, 2017

Sniper Elite 4 Launch Trailer & Season Pass Details

Sniper Elite 4 launches this week and developer Rebellion has released the launch trailer for the game, as well as information on the season pass that players can also enjoy.

For those players who have completed the main game and want to keep the action going, they can purchase the Season Pass, which will be available at launch with the game. The Season Pass includes the following:

  • All Pre-order Bonus Content
    • Target: F├╝hrer campaign mission – Infiltrate a secret Mediterranean U-boat facility and use wits and creativity to take out the target in over 30 ways.
    • Camouflage Rifle Skin Pack – Blend into the lush environments of wartime Italy with highly detailed skins for all seven of the game’s starting rifles, for use in any mode.
  • Three Huge New Campaign Missions
    • A completely new three-chapter campaign, separate from the main storyline, which features massive, diverse new environments that eventually lead Karl out of Italy for a thrilling finale.
  • Three Content-Stuffed Expansion Pack
    • Each expansion pack will be released alongside a campaign mission, and they’ll each include 3 new weapons, 8 new weapon skins and 2 new characters.
  • Weapon and Character Packs
    • Three further weapon packs – including silenced weapons, famous wartime Allied rifles, and equipment for taking on foes at close quarters...
    • Three new characters for use in both co-op and multiplayer.

As previously announced, all new multiplayer maps and modes released after launch will be FREE for the whole community.

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