February 07, 2017

Operation Velvet Shell Out Tomorrow For Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft has announced that tomorrow, Rainbox Six Siege will get an update, thanks to Operation Velvet Shell, which brings a brand new maps, two new operators and gameplay additions and tweaks.

Year 2 pass holders will instantly receive the two new Operators of the Spanish Counter Terrorist Unit as well as their 4 signature weapons skins and non-Season Pass owners will be able to unlock them using Renown in-game currency or R6 Credits starting on February 14, 2017.

In Operation Velvet Shell, players will be plunged into an effervescent night ambiance on the seashore of Ibiza. While embodying two Spanish operators from the Grupo Especial de Operaciones, the Rainbow team will regain control of the coastline thanks to their unique tactical expertise:

  • Mira has proven her strength and endurance but her best asset is her knowledge in mechanics. She is specialized in armoring process for ballistic protection. Equipped with the Vector 45 ACP and ITA12L as primary weapons, she can find the weaker spot on any machinery and reinforce it.
  • Jackal has developed his expertise in tracking down HVTs and intercepting narcotics shipments with the G.E.O.s. Equipped with the C7E and PDW9 as primary weapons, he triggered an acute sensitivity relating to his environment, which enables him to spot irregularities rapidly.

Additionally, as part of the ongoing commitment to enrich Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege playing experience, Year 2 will start with new dynamic navigation interface, making all players activities such as challenges, news and boosters available in the same place. 
Xavier Marquis, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Creative Director explains “We are working hard on ensuring the game’s longevity. Since we are here to stay, we’re making sure that you are getting comfortable”. 

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