February 08, 2017

Nintendo Is Promoting The Heck Out Of Switch

We are under 4 weeks away from the release of the Nintendo Swtich and no matter if you're someone who wants one or not, there is no denying the level of hype that a new console release can bring. Nintendo have been assisting that hype build up, but host events all around the world and joining existing events, letting players see what Nintendo Switch is all about.

What I find interesting is, that these events are being noticed, on their own, but not as part of the larger picture. Once Nintendo hosted their presentation in Tokyo, that very same weekend events took place in Tokyo, New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt and Melbourne, with events popping up around the world since then in Milan, Toronto, San Antonio, Sydney and events still to take place across Spain, Sweden, India, Korea and more.

It is amazing to think that Nintendo is currently promoting the heck out of this console globally, with hands on events, tv commericals, including a very large Superbowl spot, billboards, subway adds and more.

Here are just some videos from multiple locations, that I found from events, be noted, I don't know how the content is in each video.







New York


Sydney (RTX Australia)

San Antonio (PAX South)

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