February 20, 2017

DiRT Rally Upgrades To VR On PlayStation 4

If you have a PlayStation VR unit, as well as DiRT Rally on PlayStation 4, then you can upgrade your gaming experience as DiRT Rally now supports VR.

Available for existing players as a standalone DLC Add-on via the PlayStation Store for $19.45 and as a new digital bundle from the PlayStation Store, the update fully immerses you in the world of rally, putting you directly at the wheel of some of the most iconic cars ever to ever take to a stage.

Every game mode within DiRT Rally is playable as the driver in VR including rally-cross and hill climb. In addition, the new Co-Driver Mode means that on the rally stages a second player can become engrossed in the action as they use the buttons and touchpad on a PlayStation 4 to give the pace note calls to the driver from the social screen. Timing and accuracy are vital, just like in real life, in order for you to complete the stage in the best time possible.

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