February 01, 2017

Celebrate The 30th Anniversary Of Final Fantasy

Square Enix has kicked off the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy, by announcing a slew of news, including a new look at Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Kicking off with Final Fantasy VII Remake, they have released a new image, of Cloud standing with his icon weapon, the Buster Sword and behind him Midgar, base of the Shinra Electric Power Company.

Next is that Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is making it release on July 11th on PlayStation 4. The visual and audio remaster of series classic Final Fantasy XII will feature a job character progression system for the first time in the West. New key art from famed character designer and artist Akihiko Yoshida was also revealed, featuring the main cast of the game including Ashe, Balthier, Fran and Vaan.

The first sneak peek at some of the upcoming DLC for Final Fantasy XV has also been announced and it highlights the brand-new perspective players will experience in the coming months. The Final Fantasy XV Booster Pack (Free Version) and Final Fantasy XV Booster Pack + are scheduled for release on February 21, and will be available for all players or Season Pass holders, respectively. The DLC content will include powerful items such as the invincible outfit, “Magitek Exosuit” that give players an advantage during battles.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus releases on March 28, and will be available to players who purchased the Premium Edition or Season Pass and can also be purchased separately via the Xbox Marketplace or the PlayStation Store. Through this DLC, players can enjoy an episode depicted from Gladio’s perspective. Gilgamesh, one of the franchise’s fan-favorite characters will also be making an appearance in the episode.

Finally, more details were given out about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Mobius Final Fantasy, check them out below.

FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS®, the full-scale FINAL FANTASY adventure for mobile devices that has achieved over 20 million downloads worldwide, recently began an in-game collaboration event with internationally renowned artist and actress Ariana Grande. All players will be able to acquire “Dangerous Ariana,” the Ariana Grande-inspired character exclusively designed for the game until February 2 by completing the first stage of the special in-game event, "Dangerous Woman Tour."

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY™, the critically acclaimed mobile RPG adventure will be making its way to STEAM® next month on February 6. The title offers an all-new RPG adventure featuring a deep story, stunning visuals, in-depth character customization and a refined turn-based RPG battle system. To celebrate over 10 million registered users worldwide and the 20th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY VII, various in-game bonuses and a special FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE collaboration event will begin on February 7 for a limited time.

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