February 09, 2017

Can You Survive This Winter? Impact Winter Out This April

Bandai Namco recently announced that they were partnering with developer Mojo Bones to bring the survival game, Impact Winter to players in 2017 and they have today announced that the game will see release first on PC on April 12th

The game is also coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but it won't released on those platforms until later in the year, an exact date is not yet known.

An asteroid has collided with Earth, and the world we once knew is now nothing more than a snow-covered wasteland. Almost everyone and everything perished in the harsh, sub-zero temperatures. But you didn't. And you received a radio transmission that has filled you with hope and the will to survive the next 30 days.

Take on The Void as Jacob Solomon, a lone survivor wandering around the frozen wilderness when he stumbles upon a snow-buried church sheltering four other survivors and their robot, AKO-LIGHT. Each with their own unique field of expertise, they'll form a makeshift team, hunting and scavenging to stay alive despite the weather conditions and slumping morale, while furiously focusing on lowering the Rescue Timer...

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