February 24, 2017

Australia Joins Up In Civilization VI

2K and Firaxis have updated Civilization VI today, bringing forth a range of updates, including the addition of Australia to the mix.

To see all the updates included, be sure to hit up the offical blog post for the details. For those who want to play the new Australian scenario, you can purchase it direct on Steam.

In addition, below is a brief Q&A with Pete Murray – Firaxis Games answering two of the most asked questions around Australia’s inclusion in Civilization VI.

1. Why did you choose to add Australia to Civilization VI?

We often look to the Civilization community to help us identify cultures that might be interesting to include, and ones that fulfil a gameplay role as well. For this DLC, we were looking to create a civ that had the ability to make optimal use of coastal territory and attractive land, and Australia felt like it was an interesting choice. Australia has also been a civ that players have requested frequently in the past. With our True Start Location Earth Map, Australia fills a noticeable geographic gap and their civ bonuses work well with the beautiful (but arid!) continent.

2. Why did you pick John Curtin as Australia’s leader?

When we choose leaders for a civ, we want to find a leader who represents something positive about the culture. John Curtin not only provided Australia with strong leadership during World War II, but he laid the groundwork for Australia to participate in the post-war world as a full partner nation. He made the first push to single out Australia as a diplomatic force that was independent from Britain and willing to be a staunch American ally. He has a solid legacy in Australia today, and we felt he represented the civ well.

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