January 18, 2017

Try Watch Dogs 2 For Free

Ubisoft has announced that players of PlayStation 4 or Xbox One who have not yet had the chance to play Watch Dogs 2, will be able to try the game for free, via a special promotion. PlayStation 4 owners can try it out starting today, Xbox One owners will get their chance next week.

After racking up praise from press, critics and fans, the Watch Dogs 2 Free Trial will give both game enthusiasts and newcomers access to 3 hours of free content including seamless multiplayer with three online modes, “Hacking Invasion”, “Bounty Hunter” and 2 players co-op, as well as story missions and side activities. Purchase is possible at any time without any additional download as all game progress is saved and carried over to the full game.

In Watch Dogs 2 Free Trial, players have the chance to freely explore the entirety of the San Francisco Bay Area open-world, using all gadgets, weapons and advanced hacking options available to shape the fate of the city. They can freely choose their path between stealthy infiltrations in restricted areas or wacky action-packed antics with friends. Picking from a wide variety of tools, drones, RC cars and weapons, players can take advantage from a fully hackable city and watch as the game environment reacts to their every move.

I reviewed the game and enjoyed it and as they say, it is free so why not give it a go.

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