January 31, 2017

Hitman Season 1 Out Now At Retail

Today sees the physical release of Hitman and while it contains the same content as was released digitally over 2016, it also comes with a new update that will really test players. It will also come with a new mission, Landslide.

The new difficulty level introduces strict item rules so players will be noticed carrying suspicious items, disguises that can be ruined depending how you take out the NPC wearing them, new security camera rules, limited save games and a whole lot more. Everything needed to challenge even the top players. To unlock Professional Difficulty Level players will need to reach Mastery Level 20 for each location and there are separate leaderboards between difficulty levels. Professional Difficulty Level will be available for all main Story missions only, excluding Prologue.

Io-Interactive have also released new details for the third bonus Hitman mission, 'Landslide', which is also a part of the free January Update with the disc launch on January 31st. In Sapienza the sun is about to set, the locals have gathered in the piazza for a small concert by the harbour. Marco Abiatti - a wealthy businessman with mafia ties turned right-wing politician, has staged an early evening event near Sapienza's beach. Agent 47 must ensure this would-be patrician does not become mayor. 

Having played through the game, you will need to get your hands on a copy if you have not played it yet, as it is really good.

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