December 07, 2016

Take A Trip To Scarif In Star Wars Battlefront

Today sees another content drop for Star Wars Battlefront, well a double dose really, the first is the planet of Scarif from the upcoming movie Rouge One, the second is the Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission.

In addition to the new planet, players will also gain access to two new hero characters, the defiant Jyn Erso and the fearsome director Orson Krennic.

In addition to that, new weapons and ships are included and finally, if that were not enough for you, players also gain access to a new gamemode, Infiltration.

Infiltration is an intense multi-stage game mode that will have players battling across three phases of varying experiences and objectives. From battling in space among U-wings and Star Destroyers, to creating a distraction for your allies on the beachheads of Scarif. Infiltration is a unique new way to experience Star Wars Battlefront as you band together to help the Rebel Alliance achieve a major victory over the Galactic Empire.

For those players who have Star Wars Battlefront on PlayStation 4 and also own a PlayStation VR headset, then you can download and experience the Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing Mission for free.

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