December 06, 2016

SCUF Controllers Now Available In Australia

Bluemouth Interactive have announced that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers can now get SCUF Controllers for their platform of choice.

SCUF Controllers are designed for the professional gamer and offer some great options, given the customized nature of the controller, the options are almost limitless. For Australian gamers, what is being offer is more of a mix of the most popular configurations and colours, which you can orderdirect from Bluemouth Interactive.

If you really want to go all out and build your own, you can do that direct at

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder Scuf Gaming said “Australia is one of the most respected gaming markets in the World. The Aussie eSports community is one of the top gaming communities in the World and one we have supported for a number of years. Whilst we will continue to offer highly customised-controllers via our Global website, we’ve recognized that our very best-selling controllers have a consistent configuration in terms of options and colours. It’s those best-selling controllers which are now stocked locally. By partnering with Bluemouth Interactive we also have the capacity to extend and grow the SCUF brand in Australia plus offer much faster delivery times.”

David Provan, Managing Director, Bluemouth Interactive said: “When it comes to professional eSports, the most important piece of equipment is the controller. Every feature on a SCUF controller is designed to increase performance and match players’ reflexes, faster response times, improved accuracy and precision. SCUF controllers allow players to play at their full potential. We are delighted to partner with SCUF & represent the best professional controller company in the world. It is so exciting to bring their brand values, unique design style and exceptional performance direct to Aussie gamers and our growing community.”

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