December 19, 2016

Bloodfall Is Out Now For DOOM

Bethesda announced last week, that the final round of DLC for DOOM has been released, giving players new maps, weapons and a new demon. If you own the Season Pass, you get the content included, else you can purchase it for $14.95

The last DLC pack, which is called Bloodfall will include the following for DOOM’s multiplayer:

  • Three new multiplayer maps:
    • Empyrian – fight in an ageless colosseum held aloft by opposing energies, as the gilded embattlements slowly crumble
    • Boneyard – battle in the outer realm of Hell, where the landscape is made entirely of demon flesh, teeth, and bone
    • Outbreak – engage in intense combat throughout a UAC facility transformed after underworldly science breaks free from containment
  • A new player-controlled demon: Spectre Pinky
  • A new weapon: Grenade Launcher – bank grenades off walls and deal area damage, or use the secondary fire to detonate smoke grenades
  • New equipment: Lateral Thrusters – provides short directional boosts to player movement
  • New ways to customize your DOOM Marine, including the Cultist Armor­ – armor blessed in the temple and baptized in blood
  • New hack modules

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