November 11, 2016

Steep Gives Out Details For Season Pass

Ubisoft has added markers to the bunny slopes for all players, ahead of the release of Steep next month. First up is the 101 trailer, giving players the low down on just what Steep is and what players can expect.

Secondly is that details have been released for the Season Pass that players can purchase, to add additional depth to the game. The pass can be bought on its own for $29.95, but each content pack will be purchasable on its own if you want as well.

Three major content Packs included in the Season Pass will be released over the months following launch:

  • Winter Fest Pack introduces the winter sled and put players’ skills to the test with its new array of challenges. It will also offers fun new exclusive costumes.
  • Extreme Pack adds three new exhilarating sports: rocket wings, base jumping and speed gliding. New exclusive costumes will also be part of the Extreme Pack.
  • Adrenaline Pack includes the Moonlight Pack of 3 unique night-time challenges and equipment pack for players to show off their style while shining in the dark, along with new costumes, new outfits, new boards and wingsuits.
In addition to all of that, Steep season pass holders will get extra goodies like unique outfits, helicopter tickets and even 10,000 steep credits. 

Look for the game when it releases on December 2nd on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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