November 01, 2016

PAX Australia Covered By HyperX

HyperX is once again bringing their full force of product to PAX Australia, with attendees able to play some games, win some prizes and even meet streamers including Loserfruit, Mr.Meola, and DyoshiTV. HyperX are not one to take things to seriously, as shown in one of their many YouTube videos.

"We’re excited to be back to PAX AUS again! It is all about having a great time, which you could experience at HyperX stand every day.” said Ann Bai, Sales Director, APAC Region, HyperX. “HyperX is dedicated to engaging the Australian gaming community with the partnership of local teams, steamers, and eSports tournaments. Being a leading gaming brand, of course we wouldn't miss out on this great opportunity to meet all the fans at PAX this year!”

While having fun all day at the HyperX stand, gamers can also win a host of prizes, from HyperX branded swag, right up to the major raffle prizes of HyperX Alloy FPS keyboards, Cloud Stinger headsets, and 27-inch AOC AGON gaming monitors.

In addition to booth activities, HyperX has also been allied with ESL Australia as headset and keyboard sponsor. Gamers could experience the extreme performance of HyperX gaming gear on visiting Free Play Area at PAX Arena.

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