November 08, 2016

LG Announce An All New Widescreen Gaming Monitor

LG have announced the LG34UC79G, this monitor showcases significant advances in display innovation and boasts classic features that LG 21:9 UltraWide monitors have become famous for, such as wide field of view, vivid colour rendering and ease of usability.

The monitor was on show at PAX Australia and it looks good, in fact it looked so good, having six of them in a nice configuration was something to see.

Russ Prendergast, Marketing Manager for LG Electronics Australia comments: “the latest video games are hugely sophisticated, with emphasis placed on the speed and quality at which the graphics are rendered. The UltraWide ™ monitors now deliver a screen refresh rate of 144Hz to meet the sophisticated graphics in modern video games, providing gamers the ultimate gaming experience. LG continues to innovate for the customer and we’re thrilled we can meet the demands of today’s gaming audience with the new UltraWide ™ monitor.

While being a gaming monitor, the back is packed with ports and options to make things easier for you, you can see the back below.

No release date has been given, but the monitor should be out soon.

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