November 10, 2016

HP Foretold An OMEN At PAX Australia

PAX Australia grows each year and the proof can be found in the new companies that join in on the fun, this year HP made a big splash with their Omen range of gaming computers.

There were plenty of people there, playing Overwatch on the machines, even people playing the yet to be released, Halo Wars 2, but the star of the show was the Omen X Desktop. Seen above and in the below photos the case sits on that angle to allow for airflow to come in from the bottom and be pushed out to the top.

As you can see with the above shots though, you can also access almost every part without having to become some sort of engineer. The hard drives are locked in place by a switch, open it up and you can just pull the drive out. Add to that, custom lighting and your able to have the computer you want, looking the way you want.

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