October 12, 2016

Your First Look At Mordheim City Of The Damned On Console

Focus Home Interactive and developer Rouge Factor have released a trailer that shows off Mordheim City of the Damned on consoles for the first time.

Mordheim: City of the Damned takes place during a grim conflict where factions, empires, and mercenaries fight for gems, called Wyrdstone, created by a comet impact that destroyed the depraved city of Mordheim. It will be your responsibility, amidst this chaos, to take command of your Warband and storm the ruins to battle other parties, avoid abominable monsters, and gather Wyrdstone. Each nail-biting decision has its consequences: permanent death or crippling injury that could leave your recruits without a limb or an eye.

Align yourself with one of four factions: The Sisters of Sigmar, the Human Mercenaries, the Cult of the Possessed, or the Skaven of Clan Eshin. Each comes with unique warriors that can be hired, trained, and customized with a plethora of skills and gear, creating squad synergy suitable for any strategy. You'll even be able to take your Warband from the single player campaign to pillage the city online against other players!

Overpower enemies with a group of heavily armed soldiers, master trickery and deceit with assassins, or use magic to blow away any opposition - the choice is yours. Ambush your foes, provide covering fire for allies, scale walls, and jump between crevasses. Anything it takes to survive and conquer. Mordheim is yours to discover: will you survive long enough to master the cursed city and gather it's limitless treasures? 

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