October 06, 2016

Scratch That Retro Itch With Pirate Pop Plus

13AM Games are stepping back into the past with an all new title for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Steam called Pirate Pop Plus.

In Pirate Pop Plus, players have to pop bubbles to save the townsfolk while Bubble Pirate’s gravity gun forces them onto walls or the ceiling. Buccaneers will earn coins that they can spend on customizations for their “Pocket Game” handheld console, including new faceplates, stickers, backlights, and even music and characters for the game itself. Players can also spend coins on Hyper Mode, a faster, crazier and more difficult version of the core arcade game that rewards a players a multitude of coins.

“We love everything about retro games, from the chiptune music to the pixelart,” said Hawken King, Founder of Dadako. “Pirate Pop Plus reminds players what it was like to have an addictive game on a handheld they could customize and call their own. Thanks to the help of 13AM Shipping Solutions, we’re able to bring Pirate Pop Plus onto the Nintendo systems and Steam.”

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