October 25, 2016

PAX Aus Indie Spotlight - Damsel

One of the biggest parts of any PAX, is that they dedicate a sizeable chunk of show floor space to indies, from the one man band, to the small teams, all dedicated to bringing their visions to life. Damsel is one such game from Screwtape Studios and aims to flip gaming conventions upside down.

Damsel is a single player game, that puts you in control of the damsel, as she attempts to save the guy, but this ain't no cutesy game, it is framed in a dark disney style, like the black cauldron.

The player will discover new locations and missions as they progress through the story; as well as unlocking new abilities and upgrading current ones. Every mission has a number of side challenges to keep the player engaged, many of which are against the clock – the player must make the hard choice of going for more points, or risk losing it all by not beating the timer.

If you are heading to PAX Australia, be sure to swing by the PAX Rising Pavilion and check out Damsel, I know I will be.

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