October 19, 2016

One Tamriel Comes Together On Console In The Elder Scrolls Online

After releasing on PC, it is now time for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners of The Elder Scrolls Online to unite as the One Tamriel patch is now live.

One Tamriel delivers the freedom gamers expect from all great Elder Scrolls games with a truly open world and a level-scaled environment. Adventurers can now go anywhere, with anyone, at any time from the moment they exit the tutorial.

One Tamriel also removes Alliance restrictions outside of PvP, allowing players to group with any player in the world, no matter their allegiance. This change makes it much easier for players to find pick-up groups for questing, dungeons, and trials, and expands the opportunity for guilds to assemble more diverse dungeon and trial groups.

If you want to join the action, then you can pick up Elder Scrolls Online via the recently released Gold Edition, which includes all of the expansions released to the game so far.

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