October 25, 2016

Control Your World With The Skeltr From Roccat

PAX Australia is a great time for a gamer, be it video or board, but its not just about the games, lots of tech companies are there to show off their new gear and Roccat are right there this year, showcasing the new Skeltr keyboard.

The Skeltr keyboard is designed to allow you full control of both your PC and your mobile devices, with an easy to access dock for all of your mobile devices to sit in. In addition, you can swap between control of the devices with bluetooth swapping, you can even take calls by the headset you have connected to the keyboard.

RenĂ© Korte, CEO and founder of ROCCAT says: “The ROCCAT Skeltr is the perfect keyboard for the modern gamer. The optimized membrane keys offer a level of typing precision that leaves nothing to be desired, with input mistakes becoming a thing of the past. Six easy to reach, individually programmable macro keys cater to core gamers who need that extra level of control during intense situations.” He goes on to explain: “In addition to ticking all the “must-have boxes” of a gaming keyboard, the Skeltr is the only future-ready product in its category. No other device offers mobile device integration like the Skeltr does. Smartphones and tablets have become a part of our daily life and they are here to stay. The Skeltr fully integrates those devices into our gaming world and even augments the gaming experience.” Finally, he says: “But the Skeltr is not only for gamers.It is also an ideal companion in the office. It enables users to quickly switch between Skype calls on the computer and incoming voice calls on the smartphone. The type-to-device functionality offers the flexibility to reply quickly to text messages directly from your keyboard – you never have to pick up the smartphone anymore at all. The Skeltr gives you full control of your desktop and mobile communication, all at the tip of your fingers.”

To learn more about this pretty cool looking keyboard, check out the Roccat stand at PAX Australia or hit up the official site.

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