September 20, 2016

SteamWorld Heist Gets New Hats

Image and Form have been hard at work since they released SteamWorld Heist onto Nintendo 3DS last year, with the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC release earlier this year, the game is now getting even more goodness, with the addition of new hats.

Yep, you read that right, hats, the game is getting new hats, of course, for those that play the game, the right head ware is just as important as the right weapon. This time, there will be two releases, the first are three new hats, created by the community, the Brain Freeze, Swag and Pirate hats are all coming to players for free, with PC players getting them this week.

For those that don't have the game on PC, but rather PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita or Nintendo 3DS, these free hats will be released soon, though no date has been set. To celebrate this news though, the game is free to play for a limited time on Steam, but for those that want to purchase the game, it is also discounted by 25%, so the entry to play is even easier.

Of course, there was talk about a second pack of hats, with this one requiring an additional purchase, but the Hatful Eight +2 will give players even more fun hats to experience.

Finally, if that was not enough cool news for you, the game that kicked of SteamWorld mania, SteamWorld Dig is also currently 75% off on Steam and is very worthy of your attention.

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