September 26, 2016

Discover What It Means To Be A Pilot In Titanfall 2

Electronic Arts and Respawn have released a new trailer that shows off some more detail about the pilots in Titanfall 2 and just as that Titans are more alive in this game, so are the pilots.

Along with the trailer, they also released 5 tidbits, which details what the pilots are, in comparison to their Titan counterparts.

5 Pilots Are An Extension

What truly separates a Pilot from a grunt is the bond between Pilot and Titan. When linked to a Titan, a Pilot can only be stopped by an overwhelming force or an equal. Whether utilizing fire, laser, steel, lead or any other combination of force, Pilots take their full arsenal to the Frontier and Become One.

You can find the full list on the official site, and while you are there, you can also discover the full specs for the game if you plan to play on PC.

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