August 04, 2016

Shadows Have Descended Upon The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online has today grown even more on PC and Mac with the latest release, featuring the Shadows of the Hist

The Shadows of the Hist two-dungeon pack is available in-game via the Crown Store for 1,500 Crowns; Appearance and Race Change Tokens are available in the Crown Store for 1,000 Crowns each; and Name Change Tokens are available in the Crown Store for 2,500 Crowns each.

On top of that, the the long-awaited Style Parlor feature that allows players to change their Name, Race and Appearance; Costume Dyeing; and a large selection of cosmetic and quality of life additions.

While there is lots more changes to be discovered, you can read about them all here, they are currently only available on the PC and Mac versions of the game, with the console release coming later.

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