August 31, 2016

Razer Firefly Goes Soft

Razer have announced that their chroma line of mouse pads is getting a softer look, with the all new Firefly Cloth.

The Razer Firefly Cloth Edition, is the world’s first cloth hard mouse mat that features an optimized cloth surface as well as Razer Chroma™ customizable lighting with 16.8 million customizable color options and lighting effects. The mouse surface is fully compatible with other Razer Chroma enabled devices.
Razer wants to provide gamers with a variety of choices in Razer Chroma enabled mouse mats, whether their preferences are for hard surfaces or cloth surfaces. The Razer Firefly Cloth Edition will be sold as an alternative to the existing Razer Firefly Hard Edition and offers the perfect balance between speed and control, which is ideal for gamers who prefer that combination.

You can pre-order one now on Razerzone, or purchase from in store towards the middle of September.

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