August 06, 2016

Quake Champions Explodes With Details At QuakeCon

At QuakeCon, Bethesda and Id have released new details, a debut trailer and screens for the recently announced Quake Champions

Tim Willits took to the stage at QuakeCon to dish the dirt on the return of Quake, including a look at those champions announced in the E3 trailer. The audience was shown a series of quick vignettes exploring each of their abilities, which you can learn more about in this video. In addition to those four, Willits showed another returning Champion, Anarki, the lanky speed-demon with a sweet hoverboard. He also teased three more Champions (though he didn’t name names) and revealed that there will be at least a dozen to choose from when the game enters closed beta.

In true Quake fashion, you’ll have an arsenal of powerful and unique weapons, each of which will feel familiar to long-time Quake players. “No loadouts, no limit to the amount of guns you can carry,” Willits assured the crowd. “Time the weapon pickups, or kill your opponents. That’s how you get weapons in a Quake game.”

If that were not enough, during QuakeCon a full multiplayer match will be held, giving players the best look at the game. The game is set to launch into closed beta next year and PC gamers will be well looked after with the game running at 120Mhz with unlocked frame rates.

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