August 06, 2016

Outreach Blasts Off In 2017

Pixel Spill have partnered with publisher Gambitious Digital Entertainment to bring their cold war space adventure Outreach to PC and Mac in 2017

Set in the 1980s near the fall of the Cold War, Outreach sends players into the unforgiving grips of Earth’s orbit as a lone cosmonaut to investigate the disappearance of the crew of a covert Soviet military space station. They’ll have to explore this crippled and seemingly abandoned installation, uncovering the secrets behind the lives and fates of those surrounding it along the way.

Outreach challenges players to use their coordination and reflexes to explore a realistic zero-gravity world both inside and outside of the station. Surfaces can be pushed off of using the main character’s hands and feet for propulsion, and handrails can be grabbed to keep from flying off into the unending depths of space.

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